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5 expert Tips for skin and hair care this Holi

Updated: Feb 16

Holi is coming near. I am very excited about the festival, you know, laughter and cheer with family and friends. But, also don't forget the bright colours that you throw around and the fun of smearing your loved ones with Gulal, but, if you also have sensitive skin and hair like me, you might get an allergy, which causes itching, rashes, dry and fuzzy hair and all that, spoiling all the Holi fun.

Thankfully I came across some skin & how to maintain hair care tips at home, which I will share with you now so that you can enjoy the festival of colours to its full potential without worrying about any allergies. So let's begin.

Ice cubes: One of the simplest skincare tips I could find on the internet. Since everyone has ice at home, it shouldn't be a problem. Even if you don't have ice, you can make some in the refrigerator. So after you have collected ice, here's what to do to prevent acne from colours.

  • Massage your face with ice cubes for about 10 minutes to close open pores.

  • Next, rub organic sunscreen/oil.

  • Done.

Almond oil: Let me tell you that Almond oil is a rich source of vitamin E, which is good for you in every way, your skin included. With that being said, here's how to use this another one of the best skin maintenance tips with Almond oil, which will act as a protective layer between the colors and your skin.

  • Before playing Holi, apply almond oil to your entire body, don't even miss a tiny spot.

  • You have skin nourishment, and there is a protective layer between your hair and Gulal.

  • Done.

Sunscreen: The festival of colors falls in the summer, the season associated with burning heat that can cause tanning, and trust me, you don't want that for the sake of all's fair in love, war, and Holi. However, if you have sunscreen, you can play all the Holi you want in the heat, apply some waterproof sunscreen moisturizer to your skin, and it will protect you to a great extent.

Coconut oil: If you were wondering, the title says five expert tips for skin and hair care this Holi, so where are the natural hair care tips? Then I promise it is a friendly and readily available hair care solution for Holi. So here's what you should do to prevent your beautiful hair from getting dry and fuzzy.

  • Wash your hair with, of course, shampoo the day before Holi. This year it's the 17th of March.

  • Next, apply some coconut oil to your hair and let it go to the roots.

  • Done.

Petroleum Jelly

You know, during this entire article, the only place I left is lips, so let's cover them too so that you are fully prepared to enjoy Holi. Of course, you already know the use of lip balms, but if you want something that will last longer, try petroleum jelly as its texture is thick.

Tip: You can even apply it to your hair, between fingers and neck. Now you know how to protect your skin and hair from Holi colors. I wish you a cheerful and safe Holi.

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