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Hair Care tips for working Women

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

I am so excited to write a blog on hair care tips and especially for all the working girls out there. I have always felt a deep connection when it comes to self-care, skincare and natural hair care tips at home.

It is something that has been passed down in our family as a legacy from my grandma to my mom and my aunties. I am going to share not only the little DIYs I learned from them but also a product range that I absolutely love and trust.

When it comes to hair care we start thinking of booking an appointment at the salon or booking a cosmetician at home to come and facilitate us the hair spa with all the chemical product. It seems easy and quick because when it comes to hair care do you mechanically assume “ain’t nobody got time for this? It'd look like heaps of tasks however trust me even if you have an extremely busy schedule you'll still make it.

I am in a profession that requires me to travel a lot, attain meetings and try different products on my body and hair as an area of my beauty blogging. Some products are budget products some are luxury but still, it's a variety of products and chemicals that goes on my face, body and hair. I am sure a lot of you can relate to the hectic lifestyle that I have to lead.

Not complaining I am grateful to have such an opportunity however typically it shows on my hair and body. Does this happen to you as well, then you must read further because this blog is the perfect one for you

How To maintain hair care tips

Whenever I get time I make sure that I use a pre-shampoo treatment before an hour or 30 minutes. This is the recipe that my mom has taught me that is now been followed by my sister and me.

So to make the DIY hair pack you will need the below ingredients :

1) Coconut oil 200g • Castor Oil 50g • Curry leaves 1 tbs • Kalonji 1 Tbs • Methi 1 tbs • Black Pepper 1/2 tbs

2) Powder all the dry ingredients together in a mixer grinder.

3) Mix the oils and ingredients and steep it in for at least a 5 day in a glass jar.

Then I wash my hair with a shampoo that is my current favourite since it does not come with sulphate and other harmful chemicals. I have been using this shampoo since the time I got balayage done on my hair. My hair was kind of turning very rough and frizzy because

1) I was not able to get a hair spa done because of lockdown

2) The place where I stay has a problem with hard water.

So when I finally started realizing that my hair was damaged what better than the DIY remedy from my mom for best hair maintenance tips.

Post the shampoo I use a hair mask and then the serum which is a complete one brand product from Schwarzkopf Professional Bc Ph4.5 range and so far I am enjoying it. It helps me to maintain my hair PH balance and allows me to have nice bouncy hair with their intensely restoring creamy treatment range .

Our hair is the crown of our entire look. Also over the years, I have understood that the hair volume shine and length are a perfect reflection of our scalp health. So apart from doing the above treatments for my hair I occasionally use the below methods as well depending on the time and my convenience.

Egg Mask contributes to our hair Health

An egg mask is probably one of the foremost potent remedies for healthy hair, and for one superb reason – it's the simplest supply of B Vitamins, essential for hair health! Vitamins B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin) and B5 (pantothenic acid) square measure smart for hair flexibility, strength and overall eudaemonia. vitamin B or alimentation B7 is particularly essential for hair growth, whereas pteroylglutamic acid will facilitate avoid premature greying. To combat this, eggs work with wonderful topical application.

Use each nutrient and therefore the white. The nutrient works as a moisturiser for dry locks and is additionally a superfood thanks to the multitude of nutrients. What’s a lot of, it helps retains the hair’s natural shine due to its moisturising advantages.

Crack open 2 eggs, then beat its contents well during a bowl. Apply everywhere hair and scalp and leave on for 10minutes. Rinse well and follow up together with your usual shampoo and conditioner regime.

Beer Rinse for hair

The B vitamins found in the brewage strengthen every strand and fortify it. Also, the supermolecule found within the malt and hops repair broken hair to the most extent, protecting and replenishing it from effects of harsh styling merchandise, pollution, stress, and alternative factors like PCOD, pregnancy, post-delivery so on. Your hair appearance shiny, sleek and loses its crimp as a result of the nutrients tighten the cuticles.

Tip: Rinse your hair with brewage a minimum of double a month, to refill and build lost supermolecule levels.


Does exercise stimulate hair growth?

To combat hair loss and make sure that hair texture is maintained, it's best to use a boar brush. Natural boar bristles don't seem to simply mild on the hair, they create positive that the natural scalp oils are circulated well, therefore stimulating blood flow and promoting healthy hair growth. If you’re trying to find a brush that’s additional durable and might be used for styling, then a mixture of boar and nylon bristles are ideal.

How do I dry my hair?

I try to make sure to let my hair dry naturally or towel drying is clearly the most effective thing I do for my hair care. As soon as I wash my hair, I wrap it up in a turban on top, employing a microfiber towel. Once the surplus water has been soaked, I gently pat the scalp and hair dry with a cotton towel until it's close to damp. Let the remainder dry naturally.

Just in case I'm in a very hurry and wish to get somewhere, I blow dry my hair however I check that that I use a good heat protectant on my hair attempt to not get the picture too close, or activate the surplus heat unless I'm additionally styling my hair.


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