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Minimalist Lactic Acid 10% + Hyaluronic Acid 1% Review

About Minimalist as a brand they are commited to provide transparent and clean beauty for the Indian consumers . Its is a great thing for the India Skincare lovers . As the current trend is more about having a healthy skin and a clean sustainable skincare regime.

Not to forget that lockdown plays a vital role in our lives for the shift in the way we are using and choosing the products that goes into our body, face or even our system . As during 2020 when the pandemic hit us bad and we all were stuck at home I started researching about good skincare that we can use at home without damaging any bit of my facial skin . Now I guess like me many of you were also in search of a good products that can make-your skin glow naturally as this was the first ever time when we experienced that all the saloons that we had been relying on for so many days were shut .

Now lets talk a little more about the brand and the product that we are focusing on today .

Minimalist Products are free from well-known toxins and do not sensitize your skin – irrespective of their natural or naturally derived tag.

Now let us talk about the packaging they all come in a glass bottle with a dropper lid. The label has a clear and bold Active Name printed on it with a color-coded strip so that you can easily differentiate between them. The bottle itself comes in a simple yet beautiful black box with all the required information on it.However there was a rumour about plagiarism on the internet as packaging was an exact copy of the very well know and expensive skincare brand Ordinary . In fact the line of products were also on the similar side .

But here is an update that Minimalist has now changed their packaging. They come in a dark opaque bottle now, exactly how they should, and I feel the new packaging is much better and improved. Even the dropper is so much better than the previous one. Also, the consistency is slightly better as well. Nothing to worry in the effectiveness as it is as effective as they were before . Also to add on to the rumour everyone who gave lectures on plagiarism and now they has atleast one of their products in their shelf .

At first, I was actually worried because I have a very sensitive skin and aloe vera hasn’t worked best for me but then I also thought it might be because of the brands I have used. Either they weren’t of good quality or they weren’t pure or something, I don’t know.

But with minimalist, chances were pretty less that they will compromise with aloe juice quality as I feel they are really into providing the best skincare than just existing in the market for the sake of it.

How to Use Lactic Acid 10% + Hyaluronic Acid 1%

Directly drop the peel on your face and apply it all over your face with a thick layer and leave it on for 10 mins .Exfloliation gives you glowing skin and makes you look younger . Do not worry when you here about the product as acid . No its not going to burn your face .

So What it is: A skin-regenerating daily serum with 10% Lactic Acid and 1% Hyaluronic Acid that mildly exfoliates without drying the skin to reveal clear, radiant, and hydrated skin.

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