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Origenz Hair Care Products Review

Origenz Premium Hair Care Combo (Amla Powder 100gm + Reetha Powder 100gm + Shikakai Powder 100gm + Bhringraj Powder 100gm + Hibiscus Powder 100gm) Review

First, let me tell you that I have long and sensitive hair; they used to get damaged, no matter how many branded synthetic hair care products I tried. I also tried many hair care tips at home, but they all failed, but why only me? Why even after trying the best hair maintenance tips by experts, I was on the same page.

My situation even got worse when I started experiencing hair fall. I had lost all hope until one day. I came across the Origenz Premium Hair Care Combo.

My package included 100 gm jars of Amla Powder, Reetha Powder, Shikakai Powder, Bhringraj Powder, and Hibiscus Powder. And I got to tell you. It’s the best choice I have ever taken, so thank you, Origenz.

I really liked the herbal products as it has given me these benefits.

  • Reduced hair fall from Day 1 of use.

  • My hair has become so smooth and silky that I feel like brushing them over with my hands whenever I get the chance.

  • These products have replenished my hair from the roots and given them strength. (I tried doing the thing they show in the ad, and it really works)

  • After continuous use, I have gotten the results written on the package.

What do you get?

I have already mentioned it, but let’s talk about the products for a moment. What I got was:

  • Amla Powder 100 gm.

  • Reetha Powder 100 gm.

  • Shikakai Powder 100 gm.

  • Bhringraj Powder 100 gm.

  • Hibiscus Powder 100 gm.

Amla Powder

The first thing I needed to mix was a spoon of Amla Powder.

Package: 100 gm jar.

Benefits: I don’t know herbal science, but it repaired my damaged hair and cells. So it worked for me, and I think it will work for you too.

Reetha Powder

Next, I added a spoon of Reetha Powder to the paste

Package: 100 gm jar.

Benefits: Again, my hair became shiny and smooth; I could feel it after a few days of use. Like I mentioned above, I get the urge to brush my hand over it whenever I can.

Shikakai Powder

I then added a spoon of Shikakai powder to it.

Package: 100 gm jar.

Benefits: My hair now feels naturally oily. I don’t think I will ever need hair oil again.

Bhringraj Powder

Now I added Bhringraj powder to the paste.

Package: 100 gm jar.

Benefits: Now, my hair also grows more smoothly.

Hibiscus Powder

The last ingredient to add to complete the paste was Hibiscus Powder.

Package: 100 gm jar.

Benefits: My hair feels thicker than ever before, and I like it. If you have thin hair problems or want thicker hair, I recommend it.

I have to say. The packaging was done well and was complete. I got all the products in the exact quantity mentioned. So yeah, it was a great start, but since I was used to synthetic hair care solutions,

I was a little scared to use them. I had many questions like:

  • Will it work on my hair?

  • Will I get the promised results?

  • What if it does not work on my hair, and I get side effects instead?

But after I tried it, the results were beyond my expectations. It’s completely organic, and I would recommend it to anyone who has hair problems or wish to boycott synthetic hair care products to keep their hair smooth, strong & silky, overall, a value for money product. To finish it off, let’s give it a rating.

My rating: 5 star definitely worth using it .

Links to shop for the product

Amazon - Origenz Premium Hair Care Combo

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