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Selfcare Tips to Reduce Stress

Updated: Jun 18

Looking at the current situation increased stress is a common thing in our day to day life. However, with the start of a new month that is the month of June, I feel that I am getting motivated and isn't it refreshing to start a new month. I am one such creature who feels energised with everything new, be it a start of a month, New Year, relationship or friendship. I am sure many of you reading the article now feel the same way. Mondays are not very favourable for most of us but to be honest, is it one of my favourite day of the week. I can start my Mondays with a fresh look and can ignore the things that did not do that well during the last week. I’m going to thrive in all of the discomforts and difficulties I was unable to do previously. I feel a little vulnerable in doing this but I am also trying to stay true to o