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Updated: Jun 18, 2020

There are pigmentation,pimple marks and imperfections, I have facial hair and there are baby hair which is yet to mature. This is me; Perfectly imperfect, and I would love to stay like this for as long as possible.

I feel as though I am comfortable in my skin, I’m just getting used to it, what my skin likes, what my skin doesn’t, how it moves and how it feels and yet every day how much it is changing, slipping away from me.

According to the old aged rumour it says once you reach the grand old age of 25, your collagen levels start decreasing and your skin moves towards the first signs of ageing , thankfully I was having none of that. I know just how powerful having an inner beauty system is because I’ve seen it with my own eyes, there is only a limited amount that you can do on the outside with creams and lotions. Beauty starts from within, adequate hydration, the right amount of vitamins and minerals, superfoods as one of them is OZiva Plant Based Collagen

I started taking the dose as mentioned on the bottle, once a day back in January because before that I had taken medicines to cure my acne but lost a lot of the natural hydration my skin once had I wanted to ensure I was doing everything for my skin. I guess I was over doing things on my skin just to get rid of the pigmentation and acne marks . But since the time I started consuming the Oziva Collagen the most noticeable difference was the compliments, the gasps of disbelief from the girls in my society when in a meeting my age cropped up in conversation to the girl who used the word “flawless” and single handedly made my day, I have most definitely noticed.


I noticed the moisture levels of the skin all over my body improve and whether or not the precise fullness I noticed to the most delicate areas of my skin was also a direct result of my new inner beauty regime, I wasn’t sure but I would soon find out.

I underwent the final scan of my skin about 3 weeks ago and have been itching to show you the results. My collagen density levels, had in actual fact INCREASED from 45 to 65, instead of going down they were going up. Needless to say my trial ended the day of the second scan, and yet I’m still taking Oziva Collagen drink.

What you wear on your body, what you eat healthy or unhealthy. I decided I wanted to wear youth, radiance and a healthy glow so I put in all the ingredients it takes to achieve that; water, vitamins and minerals, superfoods and Collagen.

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