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Why Should We Celebrate Women?

Updated: Feb 14

Every year on 8th March, we honor International Women's Day to appreciate the struggles and achievements of women, but do we truly appreciate the one who has the power to change the world. This is why we should celebrate women.

The story of Goddess Durga

Women are Beauty and strength. Within each woman lives the goddess Maa Durga, the deity of protection, strength, energy, preservation & power, all the five qualities of a woman.

Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh created the fierce Maa Durga to kill the Demon Maheshasura; she emerged from the Holy Ganga River, a powerful female form with ten arms the power of all the gods.

The origin story of Maa Durga is the story of a goddess and the tale of every woman. Whenever there's a problem against her, she has shown the strength to rise.

Gender equal world

After 47 years of celebrating women, we keep talking about a gender-equal world, which is shameful, so was all that struggle for nothing? Today while writing the article, I remember the great women, Kalpana Chawla, Mother Teressa, Sania Mirza, and many others who have achieved the greatest milestones. Proving repeatedly that a woman can achieve whatever she dreams of if she gets the opportunity, but where is the opportunity?

Even in sports such as cricket, the boundary line is shorter than in men's games. Why? Some sports even still think that women shouldn't play, which is shameful.

Why do women have to ask still the question I wanted to ask you if she has the strength to change the world? Why can't the world change for her? So today, I tell you that if we change, we will achieve a gender-equal world soon.

Pay equality for all genders

Gender equality is incomplete without equal pay. Even if we work equally hard, men still get paid higher, even though this has improved over the years. Why is it taking too much time? Is equal salary too much to ask? We are equal and even better in the major sectors than men, but we never show it off. If we can get equality in everything, we also want equality in payments because today's situation is wrong, and it needs to change.

Leadership & women

This section is dedicated to all the women to inspire them to be leaders if they genuinely want it. First, I want to tell all the biased men out there that it's a misconception that only men can lead. We have great female leaders everywhere, in our army, tech, sports, politics, and significant fields. So men, brush the gender bias off because women can and will lead. But to lead, she must-read, which brings us to our next topic.

Women education

Girl child education is still an issue I come across on the internet, especially in rural areas. After reading the articles to promote girl-child education, I feel ashamed. I mean promote? Why? What's so special about men that they deserve more education than us? I raised this question today on behalf of all the women. Name one thing where women haven't gone toe to toe with men, from sports to politics to debates, businesses, and more, everywhere women are equal to men, if not better. So why this question, when it comes to our education. Today I stand firm on educating more women to achieve gender equality.

The rise of women in the tech sector

Technology, the sector of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, it's something that we can't live and leave without these days, and women are making more and more contributions in this sector. Today we have more female role models in this sector than ever before. Thanks to the first female computer programmer, Ada Lovelace, we have risen to the occasion to9 explore our tech potential; her contributions have given us Rediet Abebe, Kamaelia Aryafar, Safra Cartz, and many great female leaders. Today I am proud of the women in technology.

Women in STEM

Women are everywhere, whether it's law, education, research, science, technology, math, engineering, mathematics, and even the sectors that require answering the call of duty. Women have done us proud, especially in STEM. Despite the discrimination & harassment (including sexual harassment), unconscious & conscious bias, isolation, and competing life responsibility issues we face, we have always fought them with mental strength & stood tall.

Save girl child

I am proud of the modern world, about how it has advanced in many things, including new technologies to know beforehand if a mother will give birth to a boy or a girl and kill the girl child before she even sees the light of the day. And if you haven't understood it already, I am being sarcastic about female foeticide, and if that's legal, I also request male foeticide. So save girl child because, without women, there will be no men.

Women's freedom of choice

We can only achieve real women's empowerment when we give her the freedom to choose. But how will she have the right to decide if she can't even decide to be born yet? I don't need to write much here other than this. The rest I leave to your wisdom.

A world without women

Imagine a world without women. It's impossible. Not only do all the strong women give birth to men, but she also runs the world 24/7, if you think about it. She works for herself and works tirelessly to ensure the well-being of others. In short, we are the pillars of the family. Without us, the world will stop. Thank god we are here and will always be.

A message to all the men

Take it as an order or a message, but we are not your Luxury, a mere object of pleasure and joy. We can stand our ground, so thank you. But, we need more respect because we also feel hurt, even if we do not show it. So, please, in this world, teach your sons to respect every woman like their own mothers and sisters. And to all the women, live free and Beobsessed with yourself. No matter who you are amazing just the way you are.


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